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Questions & Answers

Q: Can I choose my own 0800 number?
A: Yes, simply go to Telecoms World and choose your number, live from the database.

Q: Do I need to install any new lines in order to have an 0800 number?
A: No. When anyone calls an 0800 number, the call is simply diverted to an existing phone number e.g. landline, mobile etc.

Q: Is there a minimum monthly bill?
A: For the standard package you pay just £10 a month line rental, but you get 1,000 minutes of inclusive calls included in that price. This means, for most small and medium sized businesses, they will simply pay £10 per month and this will include the cost of all their calls.

Q: What is the minimum term contract?
A: 12 months, with 1 months notice.

Q: Does is cost anything to change the target number?
A: No. You can change your target number (the number where you 0800 number is diverted to) at anytime for no charge.

Q: Can I divert an 0800 number to a mobile phone?
A: Yes - we provide an option for 0800 numbers to be diverted direct to mobile phones. However, if you wish to be able to "switch on and off" the divert at different times of day, you will need to use the divert function with your existing landline number (contact your telephone service provider for details on how to divert your normal incoming calls to mobiles). For example, BT will charge you around £4 per quarter to have the call divert option available on your existing landline number to divert your landline calls to your mobile.

Q: Can my 0800 number calls be diverted overseas?
A: Yes. We can set your 0800 divert to point to international landline numbers in over 180 countries.

Q: Can I bring my existing 0800 number to your system to save money on my call charges?
A: Yes, but please check with us first. We can only port in 0800 numbers from BT, C&W and a few other major suppliers.

Q: Do I still get Caller Line Identity (CLI) with an 0800 number (BT 1471)?
A: Yes, you can still see the identity of the person calling you.

Q: Is there a delay between someone calling an 0800 number and them getting connected i.e. do they know they are being "diverted"?
A: No, calls are connected straight away.

Q: How long does it take to get an 0800 number set up?
A: You can order your 0800 number live online, and be active within 24 hours.

Q: What would happen to my 0800 number if JCH Media ceased trading?
A: 0800 numbers are classed as an "essential service" by the UK government and thus you are protected by Ofcom. Your 0800 number will never be disconnected (as long as you pay your bills!) even if the supplier ceases trading. Full details can be obtained from

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