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0800 Numbers - Telecoms World Prices

Standard Charges:

(Ex. VAT)

Connection Fee


Monthly Line Rental


Inclusive minutes per month

500 minutes

Monthly Call Charges (price per minute):

(Ex. VAT)

First 500 minutes each month


All other calls


Order an 0800 number here

Calls are billed by the second and not rounded up to the nearest minute (as with BT).

International Divert:

If you have a company based outside the UK and wish to divert calls to your 0800 number to your overseas destination, this can also be easily set up.

Mobile Divert:

We can divert your 0800 number direct a mobile phone number of your choice. Calls diverted direct to a mobile will vary in cost depending on which network your mobile phone operates. Check out the prices at our supplier website here.

Will an 0800 number cost me a fortune?

Example Costs of an 0800 freephone number - remember each 0800 number has 1000 minutes of inclusive calls each month:

Sole Trader - Small Business:

Average 30 calls each month of 2 minutes duration (e.g. to an answer machine) - expected monthly cost - £4.99

Small Business - average use:

Average 100 calls each month of 5 minutes duration - expected monthly cost - £4.99

Medium Sized Business - average use:

Average 600 calls each month of 2 minutes duration - expected monthly cost - £18

As you can see - having an 0800 number is a highly effective way of generating new business and needn't cost your business a fortune.

"How much will I lose by NOT having an 0800 number?"

The question you need to ask is not so much "How much will it cost me to have an 0800 number?" but rather "How much will I lose by not having an 0800 number?"

If you have one competitor who uses an 0800 number - who do you think the prospective customer will call first? For the sake of a few pence, wouldn't you prefer to talk to them first?

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