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How Does An 0800 Number Work?

Key Points:

1) You do NOT need to install any new phone lines
2) You do not need to change your existing phone numbers
3) Your customers cannot track where their calls are being diverted
4) Calls can be re-diverted to a different "target number" anytime free of charge
5) You are posted a fully itemised statement each month so you can track the effectiveness of your advertising, showing each individual call cost, duration and overall call volume. You can also check your call statistics live online in your own password protected account.

The details:

When you order your 0800 freephone number, you nominate a "target" number. This is the number to which all calls to your 0800 number will be diverted.

Your "target" number can be a landline number, a mobile number or even an international phone number. For instance if you operate your business from Spain then you can still publish your 0800 number in the UK and receive your calls in Spain.

When a customer calls your 0800 number, they are instantly diverted to your chosen target number. You still get Caller Line Identity (BT 1471) so you can keep track of the number they are calling you from.

It does not matter where the incoming calls come from - eg. mobile, overseas etc., you just get charged the standard incoming call rate.

One cost saving tip: If you are going to be using your 0800 number on printed media, you do not need a "memorable" number - the fact that you have an 0800 number is enough to encourage customers to phone you before they phone your competitors.

If you are running a TV or Radio campaign, then check out our Gold Numbers

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